bliss cover "Follow Your Bliss"

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1. kathy
2. montana
3. when we are love
4. pink shoes
5. follow your bliss
6. western skies
7. maudite guerre
8. go easy
9. in the days
10. to the morning
11. kiss me in the dark
12. fernanda
13. as long as we go
14. benediction

Song lyrics for 'follow your bliss'

"Follow Your Bliss" was recorded in Chicago by Zach Goheen in January 2010. Once again the whole JT and the Clouds crew guests on the album. Fun!

live cover "Live"
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1. Old Mtn Line
2. Gone In Pawn
3. Drive All Night
4. Le Partisan
5. Malaise Days
6. One Little City
7. Better Luck
8. Prairie Lullaby
9. Til It's Gone
10. Movin' On
11. Who All is here
Po' Girl "Live" was recorded from a variety of shows. Many of the songs feature Jt and the Clouds, our favorite band.

deer cover deer in the night
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Listen to samples:

1. deer in the night
2.dig me a hole
3. bloom
4. gandy dancer
5. grace
6. shorty town
7. isobel
8. things we believe in
9. gasoline
10. one little city
11. sing away
12. no shame
13. fool
14. how the poet goes

Song lyrics for 'deer in the night'
'deer in the night' was released May 2009.

no shame cover No Shame
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Listen to samples:
1. north country
2. not so bad
3. burning by our hands
4. better luck
5. gandy dancer
6. she slips through
7. rounders lullaby
8. no shame
9. under the chestnut tree
10. you're not my friend
11. don't use that thing on me
12. fernanda
13. isobel
14. fool
No Shame is a special edition album released under the name of "Sofia". Don't fear, this is still Po' Girl at their best, just an under-the-radar side project to provide fans with a little something extra.

home to you cover Home To You
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1. Skies Of Grey
2. Go On And Pass Me By
3. Til It's Gone
4. Angels Of Grace
5. Drive All Night
6. To The Angry Evengelist
7. Home To You
8. Green Apples
9. 9 Hrs To Go
10. Old Mountain Line
11. So Lazy
12. Texas
13. Ain't Life Sweet

Song lyrics for 'Home To You'
'Home To You' was released Feb. 13th 2007 on Nettwerk Records

vagabond cover Vagabond Lullabies
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1. Tell Me A Story
2. Mercy
3. Movin' On
4. Take The Long Way
5. Prairie Girl Gone
6. Poor Girl
7. Poor Girl
8.South Of Nowhere
9. Part Time Poppa
10. Driving
11. Corner Talk
12. I've Got Time
13. Walk On And Sing

Song lyrics for 'Vagabond Lullabies'
'Vagabond Lullabies' was engineered at Ogre studios by the immensely talented John Raham who also plays drums on a few tracks. Many of our friends joined us in the studio including the incomparable CR Avery, Chris Brown and Kate Fenner, Rae Spoon, Luther Wright, Ana Lumiere, Carolyn Mark, Frazey Ford and Sam Parton, bass grooves were provided by Roey Shemesh, Shelley Okepnak rocked the drums. Thank you all so much!

po'girl cover Po'Girl
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1. Gone In Pawn (Shake Sugaree)
2. Bad Luck Day Baby
3. City Song
4. Bleak St
5. Shameless
6. Malaise Days
7. Cold Hungry Blues
8. Backstairs Down
9. Abilene
10. Wheels Are Taking Me Away
11. What Sad Old Song?
12. Lullabye

Song lyrics for 'Po'Girl'
Po'Girl's debut album was released in Canada on Jericho Beach Music in June of 2003. It was released in the US on HighTone Records, August 28th, 2003 and in the UK and Europe on Cadiz Music, Jan 26th, 2004.